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across the ridge



To Be Announced

See Ryan Lewis Wendy and Sierra in their first adventure across a ridge that leaves them stranded in a hidden world filled with unique places, creatures and monsters to explore and battle! Get ready for an epic journey across deserts battling all kinds of foes to collect the materials required to escape the realm Across the Ridge!


RELEASE DATE: To Be Announced



"I've never hated a game so much and kept playing. Buzzle Fall is taking over and I don't mind it"

-- Jacob

"Blaed Beta was the best 30 minute trial of any moba I've played. I hope they have another test beta event again!"

-- Mikey

"Cool game, will check out other games when released! [ZenHap note: "Review from Buzzle Fall//Reviewer didn't name"]"

-- Michele Larsson

"Creative and original, I like the simple concept and the recent update is really nice! [ZenHap note: "Review from Buzzle Fall//Reviewer didn't name"]"

-- Lorraine

"Buzzle Fall is the worst game in the world. But you should play it."

-- Unknown

"Buzzle Fall is frustrating and difficult, but remains entertaining for hours of play!"

-- Jordan

"I really enjoyed the Blaed Beta event, it was super fun and brought back many memories of Paragon. I hope it's released soon!"

-- Paula




Mission cost: $20





Mission cost: $20-50





Mission cost: $0





Mission cost: $0-10




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We're available! If you don't like the art currently available, our talented artists and designers are available for comissions!
Feel free to discuss with us on discord!

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web design - from $1200 logo / graphic design - from $25 artwork - from $50

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Branding for the BoxiLive YouTube and Twitch channels.

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Our own logo. Nothing special, just simple and ready for anything :)

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Concept art from RLWS

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